About Us

B-rollmarket is a global online marketplace for high-quality digital content.
We provide a platform for filmmakers, designers, freelancers, marketing agencies, media organizations or other individuals and companies looking for ways to complement their projects. Also, B-rollmarket is a place for all the creators who want to share their visual stories on a global scale by showcasing their work.
Our Authors generate revenue with the least amount of fees and taxes from selling their individual assets and are also being compensated through the Revenue Sharing System depending on a Subscription Plan their material is placed in.
As a team of creators and longtime stock footage users, we have created a platform that tends to make up for shortcomings in the ever-growing b-roll marketplace.
With an easy-to-navigate interface design and a useful online office, we provide our users the best possible experience and freedom while browsing for material or selling their digital content.
For a detailed overview of how the B-rollmarket platform works, go through our Q&A page.
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