Draft Edit Assist


No time to edit content in your draft?
We’ve got you covered.

We know that our authors love to create through photo/video sessions, especially when the intention is to upload to stock platforms.

With our new Draft Edit Assist Service, you can save time. Drastically.
On your profile, under _Manage Sessions , you can fill out and save a simple form (as a session) containing key inputs for your uploaded content (keywords, model release file names, category, and price) which our editors will then use to finish editing your content for you and send it for review.

This service is free of any fees and is a way of showing respect for the creator’s time. Since time is the most important resource nowadays, we aim to free up our authors as much as possible, so they have more time to create high-quality digital assets.

So, now you sit back, organize your creative time as you wish, and let our team do the rest!